Life is moving fast. You are stressed. You have no time for yourself. Yet you know something is missing: yes, still, you want more. You deserve more: for you. But the timing to effect positive, tangible change never seems right. A sort of instant gratification would help you come to terms to choose now rather than later to fix the wrong in your life. A good change that breeds positive emotions and allows you to live and breathe freely, easily. Because we both know you are worthy. Because deep down you know that indeed you matter.

Regardless of the size of your budget, my clients can be provided a flowing home or office decoration that energizes and surprises, quickly and effectively, with elegance and style. A space that puts your mind at ease. A place that encourages discussion and reflection. Your sanctuary, thoughtfully redesigned, where you can live and work better, smarter—within your means. This is the Natasha ARORA Eco Deco trademark.

Throughout my design intervention, which often incorporates my core concept of interior styling without necessarily throwing away or buying new, I am able to see the big picture in detail, instinctually, creatively and with the aim of raising your current aesthetic to an aspiring but still manageable level, all the while encouraging a rediscovery of your inner self.

Natasha ARORA Eco Deco offers a myriad of useful services, applied in a pragmatic, transparent and collaborative way, that ultimately produce positive and tangible results:

  • Interior Decorating
  • Art Advising
  • Home Staging
  • Color Consultating
  • Decor Shopping

Natasha ARORA Eco Deco is democratic in its design. Yes, you can live stylishly within your means. Get in touch. Book your in-person consultation and together let’s relook your world!


Meet Your Resolution: In Your Home.

Delighted with Natasha Arora who used her Eco Deco philosophy to transform every room in my apartment without my having to buy a thing. The place looks totally different. A lamp that looked tired and abandoned has been relocated and now creates a magical aura that permeates the room. I don’t usually wax enthusiastic like this, but this woman has an eye for detail that is amazing. An art deco glass dish hidden away in a cupboard was liberated and placed on a table with a candle on top. It looks magnificent. I will tweet a photo of it in a moment. Furniture was moved around; paintings were rearranged. A few forgotten items were relocated and repurposed and, suddenly, they shine. The whole effort, which was great fun, I might add, only took about
12 hours total spread out over three days. The result? I feel I have a brand new apartment. An amazing job Natasha — you are an amazing lady! -Tommy SCHNURMACHER, Canadian radio broadcaster and author

@talkradiotommy So glad u continue to enjoy this newly created corner of ur home! Object/sculpture to the right looks Darth Vaderish! Ha!

@talkradiotommy So glad u continue to enjoy this newly created corner of ur home! Object/sculpture to the right looks Darth Vaderish! Ha! via @ecodecoarora