Maharaja At The Art Gallery of Ontario

Last evening I attended the Members-only Preview of Maharaja: The Splendour of India’s Royal Courts, the latest exhibition soon-to-open at the AGO in Toronto and organized in conjunction with the V&A Museum in London. It was a packed evening but there was still room to get up close to the stunning art, textiles, jewellery, the saffron-pasted Rolls Royce, the landau, and so much more. Ambient Indian temple music played while I traversed the multiple rooms of this grand show. It was a moment of cultural pride topped with a live solo dance performed by a young Indian woman who exuded precision, passion and personality. This entertaining moment however was a bitter sweet one as I reminisced about my loved India, my gorgeous grandparents and my need to return soon.

Rolls-Royce. Breathtaking.

This sparkly show will run till April 2011. But don’t delay in visiting as it just may inspire you to take a well-worth-it long haul trip to my country of origin! And trust me, as with a visit to the Gallery, a future experience in India would also be a multi-sensorial and memorable one.

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