Slow and Steady Design Recovery in 2011

The exhibition hall at Metro Toronto Convention Centre was teaming with trendsters, competitors, customers, employers, and exhibitors at the Interior Design Show (#IDS11)…. To which club do you belong? Everyone appears to be getting back to work, albeit with some caution….

IDS11 was not an epic experience, however the optimism and energy was palpable despite an unemployment rate hovering in the range of 10 per cent in the Euro zone and in the US (Canada holding steady around 7.6%). There was some creative leadership recognizable at the BlazysGerard-designed Jenn-Air exhibit, at Poliform, Domison, and more. The international roster of presenters (American, British and French) included the fine minds of architect Thom Mayne and designers Michael Young (pictured below) and Jean-Marie Massaud. The Krups stage was well integrated into the overall arena and the IDS logo design colorfully held everyone together.

At Scavolini-sponsored Zaza Espresso Bar over macchiato with Signor Carmine

The dialogue between consumers/designers and exhibitors/retailers was effective and at times memorable, and my physical interaction in this carpeted space was satisfying. So much so that I forgot I was parched but not too much that I had recognized that IKEA’s kitchen was in fact furnished without a refrigerator. What’s a kitchen without a fridge? And this because, as I had been told by an official representative, they could not find a black one! (Refer to my blog post: “IKEA and The Embrace of Design Democracy, Part III”)

As after all trade shows, my tired feet have now healed. If perception is reality then I am looking with anticipation to future patterns of recovery across the board in our design world. The past few years have been disruptive caused by the ugly risks made by a few. Time flies. Life is short. Movement is constant. In 2011 onward, let’s hope we collectively decide to live smarter–and better.

Lynn Jackson's caressing workmanship

Montauk. A name. A place. Need I say more?

At DWR with international designer Michael Young and Lisa Hubbs of Herman Miller USA

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