Stylishly Yours

Natasha’s Philosophy

My aim is to update the appearance of your outer life and feel the change in your inner life. Redecoration can be a daunting task but I’m a design enthusiast, ultra pragmatic, with a strong sense of space and utility. In my approach to redecorating, I employ my intuition as much as aesthetics to ultimately energize the ‘new space’ without throwing away or buying new. All you need is an open mind and a desire to live better in your environment.

How It All Started

My first memory of interior styling dates back to March 1995. I was in New Delhi staying at a relative’s home between travels to other cities in India. The house was largely two main rooms, excluding bedrooms, bathrooms and a kitchen, but the furniture adorning these spaces just wasn’t doing them justice. I began to reposition everything, daybed, dining table, chairs, television, artwork, sofa, side tables, and more, until I felt each piece was in its rightful place. Finally, the goals I didn’t know I had were reached. Not only did the home look optimally better, but all the spaces and furniture were now being utilized and the household was pleasantly surprised. Since that day, more than 24 years ago, I’ve been redecorating private spaces – a hobby and passion which eventually evolved into a business idea while interviewing in New York, in 2005.

Natasha’s Track Record

Always passionate about interior styling, I began decorating homes as a hobby in the early nineties and have since restyled spaces in cities as diverse as New Delhi and New York. Using existing furniture and accessories, I have transformed these spaces into aesthetic homes, bringing them new energy and dynamism for contemporary living. My eye for the aesthetic and the practical, along with my diplomacy and awareness of home owners’ personal tastes and needs have proven indispensable to my professional restyling approach. How you live and work can reflect directly on your personality; time and money aside, it can also indicate how much you appreciate yourself. I felt an inner compulsion to work on those home and office spaces, an obsession to make them look their utmost best.

A friend once told me that what I have is a ‘gift’. I’d never looked at it that way before, but the more I would think about it, the more I caught myself smiling. It must be true! I truly enjoy enhancing a client's character in their home all the while using their belongings. A personal note to Nate Berkus: I am hoping our paths cross!