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My Afterthoughts: Indira Gandhi International (IGI) Airport

The new year began with my departure from Canada on the first of January to India’s capital. The air ride was smooth all the way to New Delhi, and I managed to watch four feature length films gate to gate … Continue reading

Deepa Mehta: Innis College Celebrates Filmmaking (and Fundraising)

As I sit down to write this post, it’s a Wednesday and Deepa Mehta and Salman Rushdie are together in Toronto at an editing suite where she will be showing the author of Midnight’s Children the latest film clip of her upcoming … Continue reading

Starbucks: Retail Redesign, Part 5

Since the early September re-opening of the other Starbucks which, at the time of writing this post, I have thrice visited, I cannot get my head around what the overall improvements have been to the interior space. The bleached, textured … Continue reading

Starbucks: Inflation in My Coffee, Part 4

I went to my usual coffee shop in early October, readied to pay for my hot drink and noticed the price was not what I had paid just the day before — for the same order. To my surprise, I … Continue reading

Starbucks: Choosing a Coffee, Part 3

My own relationship with Starbucks began in April 2010. Before then I had entered this coffee chain in Montreal and New York but had never made it my daily, ritualistic visit. You see, my overall tastes are classic and, for … Continue reading