Happy Clients Living Better, Smarter

Delighted with Natasha Arora who used her Eco Deco philosophy to transform every room in my apartment without my having to buy a thing. The place looks totally different. A lamp that looked tired and abandoned has been relocated and now creates a magical aura that permeates the room. I don't usually wax enthusiastic like this, but this woman has an eye for detail that is amazing. An art deco glass dish hidden away in a cupboard was liberated and placed on a table with a candle on top. It looks magnificent. I will tweet a photo of it in a moment. Furniture was moved around; paintings were rearranged. A few forgotten items were relocated and repurposed and, suddenly, they shine. The whole effort, which was great fun, I might add, only took about 12 hours total spread out over three days. The result? I feel I have a brand new apartment. An amazing job Natasha — you are an amazing lady!
Tommy Schnurmacher, Canadian radio broadcaster and author, Montreal, Quebec

Our family situation had changed recently and we were needing a fresh eye to assist and guide us in optimizing the use of the space in the home and the office. We had heard Natasha on The Leslie Roberts Show in early March: she sounded great—and convincing. When we were ready to admit change in our daily lives we contacted Natasha to book an-house consultation. After a physically exhilarating 8-hour day, the results were nothing short of wonderful! Change is not something that comes easy to us. Waking up the next morning in our new home, cup of coffee in hand, we remained delighted with all the very big and small changes she made, the Eco Deco way, and with her enthusiasm and her care. It will take time adjusting to the newness but we do love how we feel in our new home! Thanks again for all your help.
Steva L. and Steve K., Kirkland, Quebec

Natasha's approach to redesigning space is remarkable. She swept into my home, assessed, discussed, imagined and, before I knew it, started moving items from one room to another! When it was all said and done, I was absolutely blown away by the transformation. She reinvented my home, creating a far more elegant, comfortable and efficient space for my family and I. All of this in a handful of hours - and without presenting me a laundry list of fixtures and furnishings to buy. Eco Deco is a must for anyone who wants to spend a litle bit of money to live a lot better!
Mike T., Creative Director, Toronto, Ontario

I woke up this morning feeling different in a better way: Felt great. Love the place. Feels like a brand new apartment. Like a great hotel suite or terrific Airbnb find.
Harold W., Planner, Montreal, Quebec

Natasha is a thoughtful, dynamic and resourceful stylist – and also a lot of fun to work with. She saw things I had been looking at for years obliviously, without realizing how easily I could improve my quality of life – she showed me how moving a piece of furniture a few feet or taking a picture off a wall can completely re-make a room. My home is now fresher, brighter and happier. Thank you!
Marc R., Professor, Plateau Mont-Royal, Quebec

I just wanted you to know that my son is here from out of town on business. He is staying with me and when he walked into my apartment he immediately noticed all the changes and thought the apartment looked so beautiful that he even faced time with his wife and gave her a tour of the apartment. So kudos to you, job well done!!!
Fran T., Mother, Grandmother, Friend, Hampstead, Quebec

It's clear that you are great at what you do, and enjoy it. You have a great sense of humour and an interesting way of looking at things. Thanks for your time and expertise.
Rod M., Fitness Trainer, Toronto, Ontario

I have an 8-month old baby, with all the accoutrements that come with one, in a small 2 bedroom apartment. I was drowning in baby stuff and had no room to think, let alone move. Natasha helped me visualize how to use the space more effectively. My living room has twice the space now, and I find myself telling my little guy 'no' less and less every day. The best part is I didn't have to spend a penny on new furniture/accessories. Thanks to Natasha's vision (and our combined muscle power!), my whole family is happier and calmer with our new space.
Krisha U., Flower Shop Owner, Toronto, Ontario

Thank you so much for your help. I knew rearranging my place would make a huge difference to my life, I just could not imagine how much we accomplished in one day! My place feels so much lighter, and I am so much more productive when I come home.
Helen S., Operations Manager, Montreal, Quebec

You have made our home not only more stylish, but also more livable and functional. The updated office, kitchen and dining room was exactly what was needed and I cannot wait to have my next dinner party! Thank you Natasha, so so much :)
Tyler M., Strategist, Toronto, Ontario

We were all very happy with the work Natasha did in our office. It used to be crammed and dark but she had the vision to come up with new and exciting ideas for a very limited space. Numerous clients have commented on the vibrant re-look of our interior spaces; employees feel relaxed and comfortable. Not only is Natasha talented and creative but she is a pleasure to work with and has a complete understanding of where her clients are coming from and what specific needs they would require. Working with Natasha was a really satisfying experience. Next time we need something done in the office or at home, Natasha will be the first one we call!
Jonas P., Producer, Montréal, Québec

I had been living in this furnished apartment for nearly six months when Natasha transformed what was a functional space for sleeping and studying into a comfortable and attractive bedroom. She sensed immediately that the space could be improved using existing furniture and accessories–something I didn’t have the instincts to detect. Shifting furniture, removing items, and making ingenius use of accessories, e.g. duvet cover thrown over an "aging" armchair, Natasha truly enhanced the most significant room in my apartment. The room looks lovely!
Anna A., Educator, Toronto, Ontario

I moved from a spacious condo in Waterloo to a two bedroom apartment half the size in mid-town Toronto. I hired Natasha who provided me with creative but real-living ideas about how best to use the layout and to choose a colour palette. My consultation with Natasha was most valuable because she made me rethink the possibilities of better living given my existing furniture and within an allocated budget. I am nicely settling into my new home.
Malcolm L., Architect, Toronto, Ontario

Natasha is truly wonderful to work with, you feel the absolute passion, enthusiasm and energy she has for decorating. It simply made the whole experience – from colors to new furniture – positive and pleasant. Natasha has a wonderful sense of color and works with great feel for balance and harmony. She is talented finding furniture complementing not only your room but also your lifestyle. In all, she has given me a new home with warmth, coziness, personality, and soul. I absolutely love it!
John P., Web Consultant, Plateau Mont-Royal, Québec

Thanks for your work and passion. My mom was especially happy to have your fun spirit present here. I took another quick look throughout the house after you left and it looks really good. And I look forward to going through all my notes from our time and to make more changes. I think we will pass on the glass table for the kitchen and live with the way you have set it up.
Nita I. and Robert B. & Family, Toronto, Ontario

Natasha not only possesses a natural knack for filling in visual gaps in a home but she also knows when to leave a space with breathing room. I left her to my house one morning and returned in the afternoon to a completely different living room. By shifting a few of the items already in the space and adding some pieces from other rooms or storage, the place was utterly transformed! Better yet, not a single new item was purchased.
Kelly O., Documentary Filmmaker, Toronto, Ontario

Natasha is one young lady who knows her stuff. She’s not afraid to take a good look at your rooms, and then bring your possessions to a total new look. I would call her an interior landscaper. What she did with what we have is truly amazing! The detail she puts into her work is nothing short of phenomenal. It still amazes us to look at our dining/living room and see it in a different light. She’s made our rooms so much more inviting. Natasha’s coming back!
Sara G., Personal Assistant, Beaconsfield, Québec

I met Natasha when our condo was in complete renovation, with nothing inside, not even the floors yet. I was thinking of painting some strong colors, accent walls throughout the condo, but she showed me that more subtle and calm colors would be better for us and for resale value. I am very pleased with the colors that we chose together, they give the condo a warm, soothing feeling.
Lavinia D., Mother, Nun's Island, Québec

Are you feeling overwhelmed by your stuff? Have you just moved into a new space where none of your furniture seems to fit? Have you recently been blessed by the arrival of a new baby only to find that you are feeling tired, cluttered and desperate for a decoration genie? Look no further. Eco Deco is here! Natasha came into our house and made it a home. After having our baby boy, Peter and I had moved into his duplex where all of our belongings were combined. His a mish mash of antiques/traditional furniture and graffiti art; mine a blend of mid-century modern/middle eastern kilims and carpets. We were sleep-deprived and at rope's end trying to figure out how to coordinate and decorate our space without it being an eye-sore. Enter Natasha! This beautiful woman came in, took a look around, rolled up her sleeves, and got to work. Within a few hours she turned our cluttered space into a hip and welcoming one. She moved all the main furniture around until she found the right flow. Do not be fooled by her slender frame, this woman can move furniture! She then came back for a more detailed fine-tuning where she focused on highlighting our accent pieces and enhancing our colour palette-without a drop of paint! We did not spend a penny on new furniture! Before she left, we even got pointers regarding items that could enhance our space visually, as well as help us keep the space clutter-free. She also designated fixed spots for certain items and recommended that we should discard or store items that did not belong. Needless to say, we love our space and no longer cringe when entering our home. Thank you Eco Deco!
Nikoo A. and Peter G. & Family, Montréal, Québec

I like how Natasha re-organized the rooms in my apartment and made everything look like my home-but much better. She gave a new spin to some of my pieces which I already really liked but didn't know what to do with. Now my choices look consistent. I especially love the changes she made to my favorite room, the bedroom, which now has an “intello-parisienne” look and feel. Every day I enjoy how my home feels balanced and clean but with a new polished look. Makes me look good!
Jeanic L., Producer, Plateau Mont-Royal, Québec

Je tenais à prendre 5 minutes pour vous écrire. Mon jeune fils était presque sous le choc tellement il était agréablement surpris; il voulait même dormir sur le tapis! Il était très content de son nouvel espace de vie, propre à lui.
Marjolaine H., maman, Montréal, Québec

Aucune perte de temps avec Natasha. Elle rentre dans la maison sans rien connaître de nous et en deux temps, trois mouvements tout est transformé.... C'est magique! Je vous la recommande, vous ne serez pas déçu. Merci pour ton dévouement Natasha et au plaisir de retravailler ensemble.
Josée D., coordonnatrice de projets, Hudson, Québec

Natasha is amazing. She found connections among the things I have and put them together in striking ways – the pattern of the Mexican tin cannesters echoed in the chintz slipcover, the shape of a plant as musical as the whalebone Inuit drummer. I find my apartment comfortingly familiar and tantilizingly "new". And it was great fun to spend the day with her; her energy and creativity are contagious.
Wendy A., Intl Project Director, Plateau Mont-Royal, Québec

Je m'émerveille chaque jour devant la nouvelle disposition des meubles … et ça m'incite à ne pas laisser traîner la paperasse.
Céline D., adjointe, ressources humaines, Montréal, Québec

L'expérience a été des plus intéressante, tant au niveau de la démarche que du résultat. Natasha a fait preuve de goût et d'originalité tout en respectant ce que je suis et mon mode de vie. J'adore mon nouvel environnement que je suis fière de faire découvrir à mes visiteurs, mais surtout que j'ai beaucoup de plaisir à habiter.
Denise L., retraitée, St-Lambert, Québec

Nous voulons te remercier pour l'aménagement du sous-sol et des autres détails de la maison. Nous avons levé un verre de vin à ta santé dans notre nouveau coin repos au sous-sol pendant que les filles regardaient un bon film au cinéma maison. Nous apprécions beaucoup le relooking de cette pièce. Mon mari et moi n'en revenons pas des modifications apportées dans le sous-sol. On dirait que nous avons agrandi les pièces sans rénover. Un relooking tout simple nous permet maintenant de profiter de deux pièces au sous-sol jusqu'alors inutilisées. Et ce, sans acheter quoi que ce soit. Un gros merci!
Chantal et François, Fabreville, Québec

Natasha has a very special talent. I was expecting to re-organize one room only, but when she went through my house she started moving furniture, artwork and forgotten mementos around. In a matter of 5 ½ hours, I had a new living room and entrance and she created a wonderful reading area in a bedroom! My house feels different, more spacious and it seems to flow better. What is so special is that she is able to create a completely new look and feel to your home re-arranging only the things you own! A second visit is already planned for our basement. Can’t wait!
Suzanne S., Sales Representative, Montréal, Québec

Natasha a rendu vie à ma maison; elle lui a donné une nouvelle dynamique. Je suis très heureuse des résultats. Je m'y sens bien et je trouve que ma maison est beaucoup plus chaleureuse.
Micheline C., retraitée, Brossard, Québec

En quelques heures Natasha a vraiment aéré notre propriété. Ça a l'air plus grand et les objets décoratifs de même style ont été regroupés ensemble de manière à faire des thèmes. C'est très réussi.
Madeleine L., avocate, Plateau Mont-Royal, Québec

My daughter and I both agree that what you did was nothing short of fantastic. She was truly taken aback by the results…(but a better word would be flabbergasted!) I truly appreciate it. You have quite a talent. Now we will have to schedule the rest of the place....
Louis T., Entrepreneur, Ile-des-Soeurs, Québec

En lisant la présentation du journal Voir, je me suis dit que Natasha aurait un défi... pas un gros : j'habite un petit 3 et 1/2... mais un grand, car l'espace y est restreint. Je ne pouvais m'imaginer une autre disposition que celle que je vois depuis 4 ans... C'était ne pas la connaître... En l'espace de quelques heures, elle a recréé une toute autre atmosphère... Elle ose... Merci Natasha, j'ai déjà commencé à recommander vos services.
Louise G., consultante en finances, Westmount, Québec

I originally only wanted to have a few final touches added to what I had in my living room and bedroom. I pretty much know what I want and didn't feel that I needed a total makeover. Finally Natasha had redone my entrance area, living room, bedroom, bathroom. A great improvement it is. Very nice. Thanks so much!
Dan A., Multimedia Consultant, Montréal, Québec

I have found a whole new moving space since my living and dining rooms were redecorated. Natasha has a great sense of color and design and works with great feel for balance.
Sara C., Artist, Montréal, Québec

Je remercie Natasha pour avoir su interpréter avec goût mes attentes en terme de décoration intérieure. Elle a su réagencer mon salon et réorganiser certaines pièces de mon logement tout en respectant mon style, avec toutefois une touche très personnelle. A l'aide d'un nouveau réaménagement de mes meubles et objets personnels, j'ai pu retrouver un nouveau comfort de vie !
Alexandra N., assistante en communication, Paris, France

I was initially a bit apprehensive (how could somebody else know my taste?), but Natasha worked nothing short of magic on my Manhattan apartment!.... She opened up crowded spaces, rethought color schemes for grouping my artwork, moved furniture, repositioned almost everything–but successfully changed the entire look and feel of my place! It feels bigger, looks much better, and best of all...she did this using all my existing belongings, so no big cash outlay required!
Ishaan S., Management Consultant, New York, New York

J'étais dépassée par mon déménagement. Je suis passée d'un appart très compartimenté à un espace très grand avec peu de divisions. Nous avons revu ensemble les objets auxquels je tenais et puis nous avons faits quelques remaniements ensemble jusqu'au moment où tout semblait rentrer naturellement. Elle m'a donné quelques précieux conseils que depuis j'applique toujours avec la même satisfaction. J'étais très contente du résultat et n'ai eu que des compliments par la suite.
Isabelle S., directrice de compte, Montréal, Québec

En quelques heures, Natasha a remis de l’ordre dans mon loft qu’elle a merveilleusement transformé sous mes yeux. Lorsque je me suis reveillé le lendemain, je me suis senti en harmonie totale avec mon nouvel espace de vie.
Claude G., avocat, Montréal, Québec

Natasha is someone with a rare talent. She is able to walk into a room for the first time and assess both the space and aesthetic objects in the room and the fine relationship between them. Our apartment looks more beautiful and functional, despite the fact that it is strewn with kiddy toys and furniture. Thanks Natasha!
Priyanka P., Full-time Mother, New York, New York